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To get to know your financial situation and, with the heart of a teacher, provide you choices on how you invest, what to invest in and why.  To help you manage, preserve and utilize your wealth.  We look at where our clients are relative to where they want to be, then we provide the tools and solutions necessary to create a road map for success that is adjustable because life makes adjustment.

Helping you achieve your financial dreams is our focus.

Smart Women Smart Money!   
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Smart Women Smart Money!      

Castlebury Financial Advisers were honored to be invited as Speakers and Panel Expert by Ron Crane the conference host and former Idaho State Treasurer to the Smart Women Smart Money’s annual conference. It's purpose is to provide women with inspirational and education to enable them to achieve financial independence. Our class was attended by over 400 wonderful women, the conference attendance was record breaking and fun was had by all. Our class;

"Tools for Your Financial Tool Belt”

Building your financial future?  When constructing anything, having the right tools can make the job easier. Whether you want to stop living paycheck to paycheck or just start winning with money, the tools are available. You can take control of your financial future. So come join in and learn about the tools of the trade.



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